There are many smart reasons to choose the WISE program for your child care or school curriculum.

Developmentally appropriate

The program focuses on food processes, not on food products such as cute craft foods that all children make to look alike. With WISE, children learn real skills like sorting, measuring, and sequencing.

Time saving

WISE makes weekly food experiences easier. Weekly plans are linked and build on one another throughout the school year.


WISE does not require on-site gardens. Also, WISE focus foods are sold cheaply in a variety of forms, so they are accessible to more families.

Comparison Shopping?

Feature We have it!
Family outreach Handouts, recipes, Facebook groups
Social Media Facebook page & classroom groups, Pinterest
Fruit/vegetable focus
Food specific units 8 monthly units
Repeated food exposures Weekly
Food tastings Weekly
Evaluation support
Head Start standard compatible
Cognition activities
Approach to learning activities
Language/literacy activities
Small group activities
Weekly lesson plans
Teaches food systems Farm-to-table emphasis