Teacher Training

Why Train Teachers?

WISE has surveyed more than 500 early Childhood educators.

Only 24% eat vegetables more than once per day.
Only 27% eat fruit more than once per day.
But 59% said they were satisfied with their eating habits.

In classroom observations of mealtimes and food experiences, educators often pressure children to consume food regardless of hunger cues, they fail to model intake of healthy foods, and they discourage manipulation of new foods. These attitudes often stem from a teacher’s personal history with food.

Many educators we surveyed lacked food as children, and 33% indicated current food insecurity!

Published Results

Swindle, T., Whiteside-Mansell, L., Bokony, P., & Ward, W. (2014). Nutrition Experiences of Early Childhood Educators: Current and Retrospective Reports. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 46(4), S172.