WISE was funded by the USDA as part of the Arkansas Grow Healthy Study. Goals of the study were to
Understand the local food environment.
Promote farm-to-school programs.
Market healthy foods to young children.
Develop parent-teacher partnered nutrition curriculum.
Train new educators in childhood obesity issues.
The project was supported by the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant No. 2011-68001-30014 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.


WISE was developed by a cross-disciplinary team from the UAMS Department of Family & Preventive Medicine and the Arkansas State University to meet Goal 5 of The Grow Healthy Study. The objectives of the WISE projects were to
Characterize food environments and determine the role of environmental attributes on weight outcomes of young children.
Assess social marketing interventions targeted to young children, their families, and caregivers/teachers that demarket unhealthy and promote healthy dietary behaviors.
Promote and facilitate increased access to, variety of, and consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits in schools.
Develop and assess a comprehensive educational program for Head Start, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms to promote and facilitate healthy dietary behaviors.
Increase awareness and understanding of the childhood obesity crisis among undergraduate and graduate students preparing for careers in child care, early elementary education, public policy, and the food industry.