Greetings from the farm!

Hello, Families!
I’m a barn owl that flies to and from local farms. My job is to tell kids about farms and introduce them to fruits and vegetables while they are at school or day care. I’m very concerned about children’s health.
Almost 4 out of 10 children in Arkansas are overweight or obese. Also, half of children in Arkansas do not consume a single fruit or vegetable per day!
That’s why I like Project WISE. WISE stands for: Together, We Inspire Smart Eating.
WISE helps families and teachers find cheap and easy ways to eat fruits and vegetables, at home and in the classroom.
We want YOU to be a part of WISE, too. Connect with our Facebook group. Comment on our posts. Try our recipes and ideas. Message, call, or email us!
Love through fruit and veggies,

Windy Wise