WISE provides training and curricula to promote healthy food attitudes in preschool and elementary students. WISE is easily applied in the classroom or in out-of-school programs.

Educator Training

Educator role modeling matters

Windy Connects

Kids who eat healthy foods become adults who eat healthy foods.

Food Experiences

We have proven success boosting fruit and vegetable consumption at home!

A Wise Solution

Together we Inspire Smart Eating is offers research based best practices for parents and educators.Developed with guidence from parents and educators,WISE is practical curriculum that integrates easily into the school day and other curricula that you use.

Food Experiences

Fully developed lessons create hands-on exploration of WISE fruits and vegetables

Windy Connects

Students love Windy and families eat healthier when Windy WISE comes to school

Positive Role Modeling

Children can pick up lifelong attitudes and habits by watching you! Educator training prepares you to be your best.

Wise Works

WISE students asked their parents to buy a WISE food

Teachers said that students enjoyed WISE

Teachers said WISE makes classroom food experiences easier

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